Oct 1, 2014 Volume 100 Edition #40 Gold Beach, Oregon

Curry County jail levy fails - road dept. funds to be used 091714

The Curry County public safety/jail levy has gone down to defeat, so what now, for Curry County's Jail?

 • Law Enforcement: Sheriff’s report: Phone scam noted 091714
 • LWV to meet with police chiefs 091714
 • Transitional Education and GED orientations scheduled for Fall term will include classes in Gold Beach and Port Orford 091714
 • Mandarin Chinese set in G.B. 091714
 • Port of Gold Beach is set to meet on Thursday, Sept. 18 091714
 • The BOC will meet today, September 17 091714
 • Local SW submarine vets to meet on September 26 091714
 • Gold Beach quilt show will be held this weekend 091714

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